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The DDD Project on Finweek

The DDD Project was featured on the Finweek Money Matters Show as well as in Finweek Magazine. New Leaders Foundation’s Managing Director and Founder, Giles Gillett, discussed the roll out of the Dashboard, how it works and the project’s progress.

The DDD dashboard is the result of research started in 2012 by the DDD project. The user-friendly dashboard makes data from over 2m South African learners available to education officials. By allowing officials to view learner and school performance effectively, this data platform will assist them in improving the support that is provided to both students and their teachers within the school system.

“Data is key for any organisation to make decisions,” says Giles Gillett, founder and managing director at non-profit organisation New Leaders Foundation (NLF), which oversees DDD. Gillett explains how DDD research revealed that although data was available in the education system, no suitable format existed to visualise the data and take relevant action. 

Watch the interview with Giles Gillett:

Or read the full article here.