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Old Mutual Education Flagship Project and the DDD Dashboard

The Old Mutual Education Flagship Project (OMEFP) is a large CSI-funded programme that has benefitted from the use of the DDD Dashboard and the incorporation of DDD data usage methodologies into the project.

The OMEFP was started in 2013 and covers 52 schools in three districts. The project’s intention is to:

  • increase the number bachelor passes of Grade 12 learners taking Maths and Science,
  • improve content knowledge and teaching practices of teachers,
  • improve and develop professional skills within management structures, and
  • work towards ensuring basic management processes are in place across schools.

From its inception, OMEFP has partnered with the SEED Educational Trust and LEED service partners to deliver the project’s objectives. As of 2016, New Leaders Foundation with its DDD Programme was included as an additional service partner to facilitate the use of data within all levels of the project.

This document is a case study on the partnership between the OMEFP and the DDD Programme in the town of Jane Furse in Limpopo. The intervention in Jane Furse included 11 schools; three primary schools, seven secondary schools and one combined school.