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Delivering insights, empowering action

Our DDD programme makes rich, actionable insights available to educators at the click of a button

Our flagship programme: Data Driven Districts

In 2013, NLF partnered with the Department of Basic Education and the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation to launch the Data Driven Districts (DDD) programme.

This was designed to not only increase the quality of education data, but also to empower education officials at all levels to use the available data to positively impact South African learners.

We believe DDD to be the most impactful systemic programme in the local education environment, and we are committed to increasing the depth and breadth of value it delivers. For this reason, it remains NLF’s sole focus.

Currently, the programme incorporates data from over 11,5 million learners across 24 000 schools via the South African School and Administration Management System (SA-SAMS), into an easy-to-use online dashboard.

Data is then visualised in an approachable, highly intuitive way, to give educators and officials insights into teacher and learner attendance and performance, per subject, grade and class, and at a school, district and regional level. This equips them to provide customised support to the schools, teachers and learners who need it most.

Data Driven Districts