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Data Driven Districts

Empowering education officials with data-driven insights at their fingertips

Data gives us today's story.
So we can write tomorrow's.

At New Leaders Foundation we understand that the better the quality of our data, the better the kinds of intervention decisions our partners are equipped to make.

Our Data Driven Districts Flagship programme incorporates data from over 11 million learners across the majority of public schools in South Africa. Together with the Department of Basic Education, we are continually uncovering and identifying powerful insights that redirect and redefine purposeful, specific and meaningful educational strategies to better learner outcomes, grow new leaders and contribute to a positive future for all South Africans.


How it works

The programme collects data at a school-level through the South African School Administration and Management System (SA-SAMS) and visualises this on the DDD Dashboard. This provides quality, evidence-based insights on what the drivers of poor performance are.

The strength of the dashboard is that it offers both micro and macro insights. Educators can access detailed individual learner performance information, affecting change first hand, or district performance information, allowing them to assess the greater issues impacting the entire local landscape. Most significantly, across all levels, education officials are using data to drive and shape their ways of working, informing intervention decisions on a district, school and individual learner level. And, more than a visual map of information and insight, the dashboard provides a platform for educators to access webinars, guides, online videos, support and motivation, offering holistic support to drive life-changing impact.

The dashboard gives you the edge to intervene strategically, to intervene purposefully, to intervene specifically - Superintendent General Themba Kojana